Episode 3: Kats’ Story

Hello! This is episode 3 of The Motherkind Café Podcast, the podcast where we talk honestly about motherhood, mental health and everything in between. This week, we talk about Frozen-themed facemasks, coping with lockdown, and Kats’ experience of becoming a mum, which includes her husband coming to pick up her and their newborn baby from hospital dressed in black tie…

Kats also tells us about struggling with depression throughout her life, alongside managing a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease in her 20s, and the subsequent worries she had about becoming a parent for the first time. She ended up finding the experience of motherhood a very positive and healing process, although – trigger warning – she did find an internal examination in hospital a few days after her son was born very traumatic, and she tells us a little about what that felt like and the repercussions it had on her mental health in the months that followed. 

You can find all the episodes of our podcast here.

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