Episode 4: Mum guilt

Hello! This is episode four of The Motherkind Café Podcast, the podcast where we talk honestly about motherhood, mental health and everything in between. 

This week we talked about that unwanted visitor that arrives when you suddenly have a small person to look after – GUILT.

We take a rambling journey through the guilt we’ve felt about bad haircuts, screen time, sleep training, childcare, work, finding motherhood boring, and having to leave young babies or children in hospital.

Katherine and Kats also carried out a systematic review of ‘guilt in fathers’ by asking their husbands whether they feel guilty about parenting choices. Spoiler: Not really. 

We also answer the important question of ‘Which Paw Patrol Character Are You?’ and Katherine tells us how she recently convinced her kids to recreate a bar on the Copacobana so she could legitimately have a Pina Colada at 5pm. TOP Mum points! 

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